The Yen Stops Here -Burning Spear Tour Photography 1988-1996

Two music productions guys stand for a photo in Japan.

Thirty years Ago on the Tour of Japan with Burning Spear - two busy guys stop for a photo op!

The Japanese Tour went very smoothly thanks to the gentleman on my left. 

He and his team worked very hard and we were greatly appreciative since we were all jet lagged and cultural shocked on the 10 day event.

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Got Rice? Man this Cat has got it all - Rare Photographs from Burning Spear Tours 1988-1996

No Tour of Asia would be complete with out some security provided by the promoter accompanying you.

He may look tough but this Japanese version of "Oddjob", had a great sense of humor.

Look for a few photos of him and that humorous side I mentioned in future posts.

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Oh Canada, Oh Canada... Rare Photographs from Burning Spear Tours 1988-1996

Gourp photo: Jay Noel and a harem of Canadian lasses pose for a photo.

Jay Roy Noel, affectionately called "Keyboards" by the Burning Band, enjoys the spotlight with Canada's Finest. - Save on trips to Paris

The Little Bird that's a Lady Killer -Burning Spear Tour Photography 1988-1996

Picture from Stage left of the Mighty Sparrow on stage somewhere in Canada.

Nobody gets a crowd moving like the Mighty Sparrow!

The West Indies culture has created some amazing musical forms and calypso from Trinidad.

Burning Spear and the Mighty Sparrow toured all across Canada together during Carnival season in February, the coldest time of year.

 But that didn't stop both bands from heating up the venues. Whenever the Mighty Sparrow took the stage, the audience went wild as a school of flying fish. Despite the freezing cold, this was one of the most memorable tours during my days with Burning Spear.
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Think traveling in a band is exciting? -Rare Photographs from Burning Spear Tours 1988-1996

Your fantasy may not be in touch with reality! 

Here is an "action" shot which in the real world stays motionless for hours on end.

Sure it is great to see Europe but through a pane of safety glass your other four senses are cut off from the world outside.

Here the Burning band scoots through the European countryside two and half decades before the advent of smartphones and 3G have become commonplace. Now even hird world countries have free WiFi when traveling from city to city.

The House Built For Reggae - Rare Photographs from Burning Spear Tours 1988-1996

A photo of France's premiere concert hall, Le Zenith, taken from the Boulevard Périphérique

The first time I saw the Zenith in Paris I just had to snap a quick photo.

Complete awe came over me when I viewed this uniquely designed concert venue.

It's the feeling that goes with it that's important to me.

Little did I know how grand the Burning Spear concerts would be inside over the years I was with the band. Sold out shows to audiences that just were so appreciative. Vive La France!

Jay Noel - You Have Been Set Up! More Burning Spear Tour Photos

Ever heard Jay say, "I know, I know"- well that was his response when I warned him about jetlag. 

Going to sleep in the day won't switch your body clock as the young Jayster found out. 

We added a few beer cans in front of him as he napped around soundcheck time, simulating possible drunkness. Oh the price one pays for fame and glory!